Sharknado 4 Review: Why Does Syfy Continue Doing This? | Collider

(Image from Syfy)

Here we go, finally 4 is here!

So, I found this review of the movie online and thought I’d share it.

The writer of this article compared the Sharknado series to The Expendables, okay.  Chris Cabin of Collider wrote a very through article with many good points.  I’ll just add that though very campy in it’s humor it’s still funny and if people laugh that’s good thing.

Besides, Roger Corman and Lloyd Kaufman have done very well with their films.


The Flash, Arrow Villains Will Form Legion of Doom on Legends of Tomorrow – TV Shows

Now the Legends of Tomorrow are the Justice Society of America.  The Legion of Doom is formed. I can’t wait to see how this season goes!!