The Man in the Iron Mask

With the big reveal coming out in the CW series The Flash, I wanted to get my take on the identity of the character in the mask out to the blogoverse (is this a word).
Having Jay Garrett of Earth two find Hunter Zolomon of Earth one to be a non-meta and he couldn’t find his Earth one counter part, whom I believe is the man in the iron mask.  No one has really tried to validate the existence of an Earth one Jay Garrett but he is on Earth two because Zoom snatched him when was on Earth one looking for his Jay to finish what he was up to but instead came back with non meta Jay.
Thus, Jay Garrett and Hunter Zolomon are twins separated at birth on both Earths.  The Earth two versions are metahumans and Earth one versions are not.
There you have my opinion of how that part of the story will play out.
Thanks come back again.


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