A few questions.

I have a few questions with the Supergirl/Flash cross-over.
After watching the Flash episode, I wonder if the Flash was from the future with the device on his chest.  Was this created after he got the information from Eobard Thawne?  Does this mean another cross-over with Supergirl?  And what’s up with the racing between Supergirl and Flash?  One more question Time Wraiths, Thawne knows about them but never had a run in with and why wouldn’t he know how to stop them?


Monday’s show

I really enjoyed the cross- over episode, I think Greg Berlanti is doing an awesome job with the DC characters.
I thought the references to both networks were both funny and made viewers feel like they were in on the joke (a good feel I think)
Let me know about your favorite part and any questions.  As always I look forward to your feedback.